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Our current project, Ascent:

Ascent is a Baltic-inspired narrative-driven survival game. Become immersed in a dark, handcrafted world, helping or hindering folklore-inspired characters while on your quest to ascend the hallowed mountain and relight the sacred flame.

Key Features:

Baltic culture representation- become a part of life-long Baltic traditions: cleanse yourself with fire, offer sacrifices to the dead, and experience a symbiotic relationship with nature.

Grim folktale atmosphere- experience a story reminiscent of the original Brothers Grimm fairy tales, conveying the challenges and perils of life.

Reignite fires – light up people’s hearths, campfires, and candles using the last flame of humanity, and receive blessings from the Baltic gods.

Dark, angular, and painterly art style- heavily inspired by symbols recurring in all forms of Baltic art, resulting in an angular, painterly look with an emphasis on refined shape language.

Ascent Demo Trailer:


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